January 14, 2015

Reviewing 2014 II


Three generations of family history, surrounded by perennials frame the home where Lori Hoots puts much effort into maintaining the beauty of her McClusky yard.

With an eye to making people unhappy no matter which way he called it, McClusky Merchants President Jeff Martwick put out the call to cancel the parades for Saturday morning after a long morning rain made things really wet and ugly.

With black iron cutouts of military figures in silhouettes of active action, an all-county veteran’s memorial was put into place on June 28 on the Sheridan County Courthouse front lawn.

With a love of color and a hard worker in all aspects of her life, Edna Neuharth enjoys her yard, maintaining the year-round duties by herself. Her yard was chosen as a "Yard of the Week."

Kathy Reiswig was chosen for her "Yard of the Week" work, something she says is "well worth the effort."

The Yard of the Week, the fourth week of July, belongs to Earl and Charlotte Heitzmann and contains a clever combination of rock, water and red accents.

The McClusky Ranch Rodeo held its second annual event on Saturday, July 12, at the Hoffer Lake 4-H Arena.

Part of the fun of visiting the immaculate yard of Don and Susan Ebach is the humor attached to everything they do. They were named "Yard of the Week."


The year was 1848; the scene was Jamestown; the team was McClusky. The players, fourteen plus the team manager, fought their way to the North Dakota Amateur Baseball Tournament team title.

Newest McClusky Yard of the Week winners are Lois and Rusty Lasher.

Monica Zablotney and Arvin Helm, another winner of "Yard of the Week" for McClusky.

The completed statue of Brian Tinker, inviting those who wish to dance to join him; sculpted by Don Cullum of Turtle Lake.

Concerned with the number of dead and dying elm trees in the park, McClusky Mayor Roberta Hunt called the ND Forest Service for help. Joel Nichols, Community Forestry Specialist from Bismarck, agreed to travel to McClusky and inspect the trees.

Jennifer Meserole is the new auditor for the city of McClusky.

Marlyn and Roger Roth were the winner of another 2014 "Yard of the Week."


Helen and Herb Grosz were the last winner in 2014 of the "Yard of the Week."

An electrical malfunction was labeled as the cause of a blaze which dramatically destroyed the major portion of a 1990 Kenworth hot mix hauling truck. The owner, Steven Bailey of Baily Paving of Jamestown stated that the driver, Franklin Charlton of Oklahoma was not injured.

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