June 18, 2014

RJ Productions to play for Midsummer Fest

In line to play for the Mid-summer Fest in McClusky the last weekend in June is RJ Productions. The dance is on Friday night, McClusky Fire Hall, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The RJ Productions duo was created in January 2011: the "R" in RJ Productions is Ray Kottre. Kottre works as an electrician for K and K Electric, a small family company in Bismarck. He is a proud father of three children and grandfather of two. Ray served in the North Dakota National guard as a Military Police officer and still supports the troops who are serving today. With two older brothers in bands, Ray grew up with music most of his life until now.

Although he’s never learned to play an instrument, Kottre has always enjoyed helping with setting up (and probably getting in the way more than anything). About eight years ago Ray took over production for his brother Kurt’s bands "Furious George" and "Rock Against Romance;" the same band in which Jeremy Lauer of McClusky plays drums.

Over time, he decided to start a production company and worked with quite a few bands including "Beggar’s Cut" in which McClusky native Brandon Lauer plays bass guitar.

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