February 5, 2014

Ryan, Sandy Felchle win SCSCD Acheivement Award

Submitted by

Darci Gahner,


Ryan and Sandy Felchle, Denhoff, were chosen as the 2013 Soil Conservation District Achievement Award winners. They will be honored at the Sheridan County SCD Awards Banquet on Wednesday, Feb-ruary 12.

The Felchles were recognized at the NDASCD Annual Convention held in Fargo No-vember 18. This award recognizes farmers and ranchers who have made an outstanding effort to conserve their valuable soil resource.

A photograph of the Felchle Farm will be placed in the tra-

veling Soil Conservation Achieve-ment Awards Program Exhibit for one year. After display at numerous events throughout the state, the photograph will be on display at the Sheridan County SCD office.

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