December 17, 2013

Santa Day cold, crisp and full of treats


Bingo started festivities after school hours on Santa Day in McClusky on Dec 11 with a small crowd of young players, along with companions, parents and teachers keeping a helpful eye on the games.

Jim Crimmins called numbers, checked cards, and mostly found everyone a winner. Prizes were provided by the McClusky Merchants.

Santa arrived at 5 pm and photos and requests were in process shortly thereafter.

After bingo, the elementary gym was in a state of reorganization for the Merchants Appreciation Supper, which started at 5:30. Tables were lined up, floors cleared of debris and snow tracks, coffee and beverage dispensers went up at both ends of the gym and a double serving line readied for the crowd. By 6 pm, a crowd had filled a good portion of the gym and people kept coming to eat until almost closing. The meal of meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy, dessert and the usual accompaniments was a fine way to end a cold day, for free. Servers from among the business crowd, along with other volunteers and those "drafted for the cause" cheerfully dished up, cleaned up and carried items from where

they were to where they should be. It was an energy of volunteers helping a community enjoy an annual event.


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