March 25, 2020

Savannah Rhoads competes in ND International Pageant

Savannah Rhoads graduated in the class of 2019 from McClusky High School and was accepted at Bismarck State College. She plans to transfer to a university to get a vet-tech degree. Rhoads tells her own story on the competition and what she learned. “I first heard about the pageant when the directors sent out an email looking for contestants from Sheridan County. I wanted to try it out right away so I sent in an application. A day later, the director told me I could join the competition. “There wasn’t anything specific I
had to do to earn my title. I had to have a platform, which is something you are interested in. Mine is helping animals in need. “The rules we had included what type of dress to wear for a specific part of the pageant. For example, fashion fun required a dress that represented your personality and allowed you to have fun with it. The set up was on
a stage at Oak Grove High School in Fargo. The background looked like the outside of a building, with stairs leading to a balcony. “There is no talent portion and this
pageant system has many sponsors who support the show part and other businesses donate prizes. I did not win this year, but I will definitely be doing it again next year. I am competing for Miss North Dakota International and my current title is Miss Bismarck International.

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