February 26, 2009

School board considers budget cuts


Budget cuts were discussed at the regular meeting of the McClusky School District board on Feb. 12 at the school’s Home Ec. Room. There was little decided in the regular meeting since the final budget amounts for salaries would depend upon the negotiated agreement with the teachers. A closed executive session at the end of the regular meeting was held under the authority of section 44-04-19.1 of ND Century Code. This closed meeting was to discuss negotiation strategy, according to Board President Brian Larson. Items discussed but not made final were reducing the business teaching, social studies and/or vocational agriculture positions by one period or to part time from full time. The various implications and lessening of quality of education, including impact on parents’ decisions to open enroll their children to another school were also considered. Mike Axt, Vo. Ag instructor, had volunteered to give up one period from his employment agreement, but Supt. Gaillord Peltier stated he had said no to that suggestion for reasons previously stated in this article. Currently, several students take independent study for classes, including two for home economics. Independent study and ITV remain options for reducing costs and/or retaining electives for students. The science instructor, Mr. Stefonowicz, met with the board to forewarn them that he would likely not be coming back to teach the next year but was not ready to turn in his resignation. He has 37 years of teaching experience and had returned from retirement to teach in his area due to the shortage of teachers in that area.

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