September 23, 2010

School board hears of co-op conflict

School board hears of co-op conflict
Most issues were routine during the Sept. 14 McClusky School District (MSD) regular monthly meeting, except. It was a big, irritating exception.
The proposal in 2009 to dissolve the co-op with Tri County Raiders had met with opposition from the NDHSAA (High School Athletics Association). They had released McClusky from the co-op for the junior high participants but kept the high school portion of the co-op intact, essentially telling MSD that they could be let out of the co-op in the next year in order to join the Central McLean Cougars.
According to Supt. Lee Kelm a letter was sent to NDHSAA requesting that McClusky be allowed to join the Central McLean Football Co-op in 2011-2012 school year. NDHSAA reported they did not get the letter and missed the deadline. They then denied the request. “We will be appealing that denial,” said Kelm.
Trouble with faxes being received at NDHSAA headquarters was also mentioned, as well as that they had the previous year’s request and yet another letter on the same issue.

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