August 8, 2013

School board members okay price increases and resignation

School board members okay price increases and resignation

Prices go up, even for schools. The fees and expenses okayed for increases, some not changed for several years are:
Hot lunch, $2.25, elementary; $2.50, high school and guest student; $3, staff; adult guest, $3.25; breakfast, everyone, $1.25; milk, $.25.
Driver education, $100; out of district student, $150 (no increase).
Sports activity: $40 per sport, family maximum, $150 (no increase).
School board pay: meetings, regular, $100; committee, $50; and special, $20 (no increase).
Substitute teacher pay: $100.
Teacher stipend: $20 per hours (no increase).
The resignation of Sheila Kol-schefski was approved; she had taught four years in the McClusky School system.
Cindy Miller turned in a pay request for her unused six days of vacation, a total of $810; it was approved.
The revenue forecast for 2013-2014 was presented by Supt. Robert Tollefson, which included state aid, transportation payment, local property taxes and other local revenue: $1,374,289.78. The taxable valuation for the school district is $4, 664,967.
A special public meeting, as required by law, will be held prior to the August board meeting to address the increased dollars. The meeting is at 7:30 pm on August 13, with the regular board meeting to follow at 8 pm.
In a time-saving effort, the school board adopted a consent agenda, which allowed one motion and second for several issues that are essentially approval for continuing practices that usually call for no discussion. Any of these items can be called to be put on the regular agenda for discussion by any board member. These include items such as approval of the board meeting dates, official newspaper, special education unit, pledge of securities, designated representative of all federal programs, hot lunch representative, various school  organizational memberships, and the current income eligibility guidelines for families, and hearing official. Other items added were the increase in fees and expenses as listed previously.

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