February 12, 2009

School board nixes proposed three-division system


The McClusky School board, at a special joint meeting at the Union Grill in McClusky with representatives of the TL-M School District on Feb. 7 addressed two issues: the proposed three class (divisions) system by the ND High School Athletics Association (NDHSAA) and the proposed basketball co-op. The board directed Supt. Gaillord Peltier to vote against the proposed system as they felt it was a self-interest program aimed at subverting the intent of the current system and the "class" system now in place by using the term "divisions". The new system, which has been twice before defeated when proposed in 2004 and 2008, was thought to create more problems than it would solve. A current intent appears to use Class B tournament revenue to fund Class A tournament costs, said Peltier. Three schools that favor the new system are Grafton, Devils Lake and Valley City, schools which are sitting in a dwindling pool of athletes and end up in a lop-sided competition base. Present for the meeting were Brian Larson, who chaired the meeting, Tina Goven, Todd Sondrol, Principal Robert Martin (TL-M Athletic Director), Ben Wagner, TL-M and McClusky Co-Supt. Peltier, Juel Anderson, Principal Dan Klemisch (McClusky Athletic Director), Heidi Strobel, Stacy Sease, Phyllis Dieterle and visitor Jim Crimmins. The dissolved boys co-op with Goodrich was the main issue, along with a new Junior High co-op for girls basketball. Peltier noted that practice rotations, name of the team, and where games would be played were all important issues that needed to be resolved so that the boards involved, McClusky, Turtle Lake and Underwood, could draft a clear agreement for future interactions.

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