May 19, 2011

School board regains school bus barn use

School board regains school bus barn use
Supt. Lee Kelm advised the McClusky School Board members that the bus barn agreement with Dennis Bertsch will not longer be in effect as Bertsch has secured a building better suited for his personal use closer to his home.
Kelm stated, at the May 10 meeting, that a suitable arrangement with another repair business in town would be necessary for the future and the item will be on the agenda for a future meeting.
Kelm noted that Gary Volk had met with the School Improvement Committee recently. The group is currently working on the required regular plans for the school.
Principal Dan Klemisch stated that reading month activities had ended with a grilling treat in keeping with the month’s camping theme to promote reading. The students made S’mores and sang campfire songs and were awarded prizes for their reading accomplishments.
The elementary students will go bowling in the morning of their last day of school for this year and then do activities in the afternoon.
An MREV update stated that nothing had changed: Johnson was administrative representative and incoming new McClusky Supt. Tollefson is the relief representative.
A land offer for school land vacated by the school district was considered but didn’t meet “average” land values to be accepted. The party will be contacted to see if they will increase their offer to meet the average land value price and become a “reasonable offer” that the board could accept. If not, the land will be advertised. The land is less than an acre in size and included among other farm land in the same area near Lincoln Valley.
A motion to table the offer until the June meeting pending the previous actions was approved, 5-0.

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