November 29, 2012

School isn’t just attending classes

School isn’t just attending classes
“Such a concrete thinker”
Kevin Klemisch agreed to share his experiences in life and his education in the small towns of North Dakota and revealed how he learned “how blessed he had been” through the process.
Klemisch grew up in a house of teachers: mom Deb was a kindergarten through sixth grade teacher, a Title I teacher, and “subbed” in high school. Dad Dan was a junior high math and elementary teacher, then a principal. Kevin is an only child; he thinks that is good.
Born in Enderlin, ND, Kevin started school in Maddock. There in kindergarten, he learned his first lesson: how to share. “They had a bunch of new toys and the teacher had to teach us how to share and not fight over them.”
When he was ready for third grade, the family moved to Goodrich, where Dan was the principal. There Kevin learned to make the most of opportunities. He recalled Mrs. Julie Bender in fourth through sixth grades and the projects he was urged to take “one step further” than assigned.
It was also about this time that he became familiar with his mom’s Title I SMART Board and enthralled with technology. His father was highly supportive of this interest also.

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