January 22, 2014

School or sports schedule dominance questioned


With discussion of the proposed legislative effort of a group in North Dakota to have school start after Labor Day each year, the whys and why nots flew about the meeting at the January McClusky School Board meeting. An example of school starting after Labor Day in the fall and ending June 8 of the following year, drew comments on the number of in-service, conferences, break days, and storm days as well as the length of holiday breaks.

Principal Dan Klemisch noted that the increased number of days required for school adds to the difficulty of rescheduling the school year, along with the "Planned five years in advance" calendar of the ND High School Activities Association. This lead to the remark that it should be a school schedule, not a sports schedule that fills the school calendar and determines priorities. Superintendent Robert Tollefson stated he would bring more information to the February meeting of the planned initiative.

Tollefson reported that the water pipes froze in the bus barn when a heater quit working. A repair was made by a new business in McClusky, "Above and Beyond." The regulator had worn out and the gas valve also needs to be replaced and locks up frequently. A quick tapping starts it again, but this is not a good situation.

He added that a portable propane heater has been used with 20 pound tanks. The toilet in the bathroom there will be replaced when the heating system is fully repaired.

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