September 16, 2015

Security system updates addressed


The September Board Meeting for McClusky Schools, held on Wednesday, the 9th, presented, among the administrative and new business, the recommendation for purchase of vehicles. Also all teachers were found highly qualified according to the ND Dept. of Public Instruction.

Board members Phyllis Dieterle and Heidi Strobel were absent. Present were Brian Larson, Roberta Hunt and Stacey Sease.

Superintendent Dr. Cheri Poitra reported on a grant award for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program for which possibly all McClusky School District children could qualify.

She also addressed the update on the new safety measures and building procedures confirmed that the high school camera system with door locks is installed. The new system requires the front door to be locked and all visitors and parents to report to the front desk.

Poitra stated that all parents and guardians must have their names on a form to be able to pick up a student and that the old system of parents going in and finding their children was no longer in use. The new parent information packets were distributed with the new guidelines and safe guides.


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