February 5, 2014

Sheridan Association County Livestock Forum



photos by Candace Pellman

Sheridan Association County Livestock Forum was held Thurs-day, Jan 30, at the Sheridan County Courthouse community room. About 15 people attended.

Sheridan County Extension Agent Sarah Crimmins welcomed everyone to the form.

A "Time to Test Your Hay" presentation was also given by Crimmins.

During the "Time to Test Your Hay" presentation, the areas of the topic covered included: why to conduct hay sample testing; the importance of hay sampling; the how-to guide to hay sampling; determining the correct tools to hay sample, how and where to send hay samples; the different types of hay sampling tests; what the results abbreviations mean; and using the analysis to determine what to feed your cattle based upon their nutrition requirements.

A demonstration using a small square bale and hay probe with drill to show the proper steps in hay sampling was also given. "The area producers need to realize the importance in hay sample testing and utilize it more often," said Crimmins. "Using hay quality analysis can be the most effective management tool to cut feed costs in a cattle operation".

Crimmins stated she is more than happy and willing to work with all area producers on helping take hay samples and get them sent off to a lab for results. She also has the CowBytes software to help determine feed rations. If anyone has questions, they should feel free to stop in the extension office or call 363-2242.

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