July 27, 2016

Sheridan County 4-H Achievement Day Static Exhibits results

Sheridan County 4-H Achievement Day held its exhibits on July 11 at the 4-H Building at Hoffer Lake with Livestock Show at 4-H Arena and Static exhibits open for public viewing.

Following is a list of results:

Cloverbud, all received participation ribbons: Kaiden Bauer, cat and coat hanger; Haley Bobbins, bleach shirt, pop in unicorn pillow, painted and jeweled "H"; Kenadee Brown, two flower arrangements, baked bars, small pets dog; Royce Wardner, sun catcher, bubble art, coat hanger PVC, beef calf; Aubrey Steinert, goat, swine, baked item, painting; Cole Abrahamson, Matchbox car garage, metal can punch, stump and rock checkerboard, coat rack; Harpyr Abrahamson, scarf, pillow case, photo storytelling, bulbs; Charlie Sparrow, PVC coat rack, stepping stone, dolphin painting, sun catcher; Brooklyn Lauer, worry stones, finger knit scarf, coat rack, pillow; Wyatt McLeod, tin can with holes for light, painted jar, galvanized/wood coat hanger, baby beef.

Animal and Veterinary: Sophie Sparrow, vaccine cooler, reserve, pet house, blue; Rhea Laib, goat diseases poster, grand; Ryeleigh Laib, goat meat production, blue; Trevor Haux, Karley the dog, blue; Kaitlyn Haux, turtle, blue.

Crop Production: Trevor Haux, yellow, pea sample, red, pea sheaves, blue, corn stalks, blue; Kaitlyn Haux, alfalfa, blue, corn stalks, blue.

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