November 13, 2008

Sheridan County Election write-ins report


In every election there are numerous write-ins, some in jest, some in error, and some in earnest, among other reasons. The following are the write-ins from the general election held Nov. 4: There was no explanation available for "unauthorized." The list is for the amusement of the voters and readers who just might have made one of these write-ins and wonder if they really get counted. Precinct 1: president, one, unauthorized; Rep. in congress, unauthorized, one; Justice of Supreme Court, Diana Weltz, one; County Commissioner, Shirley Jorgenson, one; Soil Conservation Dist. Clifton Dockter, one. Precinct 2, all one vote: Justice of Supreme Court, Ronald Becker; Justice of Supreme Court (four years), William J. Delmore; Justice of District Court (six years), David Bliss; Justice of Supreme Court, Jim Burg; Justice of District Court #8, Lanny Newland, Lisa Oster; County Commission, 2nd District, Frank Watson; County Commissioner, Shirley Jorgenson, three; Tom Saueressig, six; Judge District #8, one unauthorized, Soil Conservation, three unauthorized; Garrison Diversion Director, one unauthorized.

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