August 1, 2018

Sheridan County NDFU teaches farm safety first

A great idea, starting with great kids for a great and safe summer camping experience, North Dakota Farmers Union is taking part of the national safety initiative to teach children the basics of being safe while working or playing on farms.
The planned Farmers Union farm safety camp on the Friday before McClusky Midsummer Fest was disrupted but not cancelled when devastating wind and rainstorms hit the area the previous night.
With adult organizers a bit disrupted and stressed from adjusting to both camp and personal issues from the storm, the resilience farmers are noted for, shone through.
The electrical safety demonstration was cancelled, as the instructor was busy restoring power to the community.
The children were happily learning animal safety from Katie Keller. Keller lives on Broken Heart Ranch where she and husband Luke raise Simmental and Simmental-Angus cross cattle.

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