December 9, 2015

Sheridan Memorial Home Craft Fair returns after 10 years

By Sandy Blanes

"Look at all the goodies! And all the people coming in and out. There’s Missy and Gail and there’s Abby, with her tail wagging, going in and out between everyone," Betty Nathan, Marie Arndt and Helen Bonnet commented as they sat at the end of the hall, straight down from the entrance to the Sheridan Memorial Home in McClusky. It was early afternoon and already the cafeteria was full of guests, friends and family, enjoying their cup of coffee and a piece of pie.

Sheridan Memorial Home Director Connie Werth said it had been ten years since they had had a craft sale at the Home. She wasn’t sure how everything would go when they opened at 2 p.m. with the tables full of donated baked goods and many pies to cut into generous pieces for those that wanted to sit and visit. The staff had been baking and getting things ready for days and now the time had come.

As the many visitors went into the social hall lined with tables full of shiny, bright objects made of recycled glass platters, plates, cups and dishes of all sorts, they stopped to admire the bird feeders, garden decorations, candy bowls, jewelry holders and much more. , Activities Coordinator Gail Roubal pointed out the many items as she explained how she had gone on Pinterest, a website on the internet. There is where you see pictures and get ideas for crafts of all kinds, and she found somethings that could be made by the seniors in the home.

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