May 27, 2015

Small but crowded with fans


The McClusky High School senior class of 2015 may have been small, but the crowd who came to witness their graduation was not. Two students, Jacob Frank and Chasely Houser, made up the senior class of 2015.

Juniors Levi Larson and Jewel Faul led the processional. Both seniors wore black gowns with a sash representing the class colors. Frank wore a purple sash and Houser wore a turquoise sash and an honor cord.

The seniors shared speaking duties for the ceremony. Frank was in charge of the welcome, a graduate address and the thank you. Houser said a prayer and gave the honor student address.

Teacher Arlin Fylling was the guest speaker and joked that he was asked to speak to extend what otherwise may have been a short program.

Fylling said that the small class size did not diminish the magnitude of Houser’s and Frank’s achievement. Houser and Frank balanced and complemented each, he added.

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