May 16, 2013

Smiles, excuses and permits at McClusky city meeting

Smiles, excuses and permits at McClusky city meeting

There were smiles over perceived problems becoming non-existent worries, excuses for lack of action on long-standing issues and permits for public impact issues. There was, literally, something for everyone there. The monthly city council meeting was May 13, at McClusky City Hall.
With three of three skunks testing rabid, two of three raccoons okay, and stray cats trapped trying for bait in skunk traps, there is a problem, not in Houston, but in McClusky.
No one wants to see a beloved pet destroyed but pets are the pet owner’s responsibility and the dog and cat ordinance must be followed. The ordinance required these pets to stay on the owner’s property, be on a leash, or be otherwise under the control of the owner. Cats and dogs by nature, like to explore territory around them and generally must be trained, tethered or fenced in.
The situation could become deadly if a cat becomes exposed to and contaminated with rabies and then is handled by a human. Small children often do not know better than to play with friendly animals and could become infected unwittingly, along with adults who do the same. If they do not know they have been exposed to rabies and become ill without immediate treatment, the outcome is likely death for the human and the animal.

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