April 9, 2014

Social media touches Denhoff connection


Information courtesy Mildred Kissee;

news source:

Kansas City KCTV.

The rise of social media has not only led to new friendships — especially in gameplay — but in the case of two couples who met and played "Words With Friends," it helped prevent one woman from becoming a widow.

One couple, Dr. Larry Legler and his wife Beth, based in Missouri, met another couple, Simon and Georgie Fletcher from Australia, through the hugely popular Scrabble-ish word game more than a year ago. They were all in their 50s and enjoyed the release from long workdays the game gave them. Beth Legler, who I interviewed today (Jan. 14) after leaving a message yesterday, plays on her iPhone and iPad and has scored 120 points in one move. The friendship between the two women who found a common passion for words and strategy developed gradually, but once they engaged in chat, it took off to the point where the ladies emailed regularly and even Skyped (hard to do with a 16-hour time difference!).

During their conversations, Georgie Fletcher revealed to her friend how her husband Simon had collapsed, been sick and to the hospital in the past year, with all the bloodwork coming back normal. But in mid-November, three or four days had gone by and Beth Legler had not heard from Georgie Fletcher, which was unusual for them.

"For me, it was an intuition that I hadn’t heard from her," said Beth Legler. "That was when she wrote me back, and as an RN, I sprung into action and wrote back right away."

Simon Fletcher’s symptoms had progressed to fatigue so bad it was hard for him to walk to the mailbox. For a man who used to walk his dogs for an hour, it was enough of a sign to the Leglers that something was seriously wrong with their friend.

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