January 21, 2015

Speeding tops city court favorite violation list


If it were a popularity contest, speeding would win, or lose, depending upon how one looks at it. There were 15 speeding cases, with speeds from 10 to 17 mph over the speed limit. Each driver coughed up fine money to close the case. At a dollar a mile over the limit for the lower limit violations, it appears there isn’t much to discourage speeding within the city limits.

The next favorite was failure to stop at stop signs. That racked up nine tickets, with $20 coming out of the driver’s pocket.

Two dog violations (public nuisance and dog at large) drew in no money due to a not guilty and a "passed to district court" decision by Municipal Court Judge Paul Hagen.

Another "maintaining a public nuisance" brought a guilty decision but no fine. This was for a pet bite of someone while the pet was on the owner’s property.

There were two parking violations: 9-1401 and 9-1411. The first was a parking prohibited violation ($20); the second a mandated payment of $100 for parking or blocking a handicap parking space without the required certificate of mobility impairment.

There were single cases for no headlamps ($20): care required ($30); and failure to yield ($20) and driving without an operator’s license ($20).

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