April 16, 2009

Sports Co-op holds meeting with no quorum

Sports Co-op holds meeting with no quorum
The second time around for a sports co-op meeting didn’t come up with settled issues, due to the lack of a quorum of Goodrich board members. The issues that require a majority of votes are then sent back to the individual boards to consider at their next meeting, delaying the process somewhat for action on various issues.
The meeting, originally scheduled for March 31, and rescheduled for Monday, April 6, was fairly well attended by visitors, with coaching staff for basketball also present.
A coach for volleyball is needed, as well as a decision as to what to do for junior high girls basketball, as there are only four potential players. It was suggested to break up the existing co-op plan and reform it into a 9-12 co-op for the girls. The boys co-op is already broken, with the two schools sending their remaining players to either Harvey or Turtle Lake. McClusky has entered a co-op with Turtle Lake for the boys to play for the Trojans next year.
Ryan Silbernagel thanked the Co-op for the chance to coach the “wonderful boys team” for five years. He voiced pride in the performance they gave for district games.

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