April 4, 2018

SRA event plans develop

A special meeting, once postponed, was held March 26 for coordinating the Street Rod Association event planned for August 4. Eight people attended.
The group discussed the many suggestions for the event but preferred suggestions from people who also would coordinate and serve as host for their suggestion. There are only a limited number of volunteers to do the work, was the consensus.
Brandon Lauer brought back the concern from the SRA that the JDA members had lost money of last year’s event. The appearance of the Front Fenders band last year had been appreciated by the group, something that had not been done for them before.
This year’s band, in absence of the Fenders due to a prior booking will be the Flashback 45. The group, according to Lauer, performs the same style and year range of the music of the Fenders band.

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