March 11, 2010

Start of slush season creates city travel issues

Start of slush season creates city travel issues
It is the start of one of the most unpopular seasons for both residents and city council members: snow melt and spring complaint season. As they discussed other issues at their regular meeting on March 8, comments on the many complaints were added to the usual woes for city government.
With snowfall not accommodating vacation schedules, and the slow melt of existing snow adding to the problem, McClusky residents and visitors have had to slide and bump their way across streets, intersections, and parking sites. Monday, after some hours of cleaning streets, the situation was much improved.
Adding to problems are the still-frozen draining areas for the melting snow. A forecast of drizzle turning to ice and snow was not welcome news to any of the council members. No immediate solution was found but to simply have the maintenance continue as before until warmer weather helps solve the problems.

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