October 4, 2017

Storage container added for electronic waste

The McClusky City dumpground is taking firm steps forward to stay in compliance with the rules for their city’s trash.
The gate is locked when an authorized and trained attendant is not there; a new pit has been dug for trash and a steel storage bin has been added for electronic waste that could possibly leach toxic metals into ground water.
A and G Trucking excavated the new hole last month and it is already collecting large and small items of no longer usable goods.
The steel storage container was delivered by Todd Keena of Baldwin. City council member Nathan Rhoads assisted the pull off the trailer onto the dumpground road on a muddy Monday.
The container will be placed in a location chosen suitable for its use by City Maintenance Tom Giese. The container will be emptied and contents transferred to another location periodically, as are the other collected items that cannot be covered within the pits.
The container was the solution to the continuing problem of what to do with the items that were trash but could not be left on the ground.

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