December 28, 2016

Storm leaves small towns deep in snow

Monday morning showed two versions of blizzard aftermath in many of the town in North Dakota. Either nothing was moving and Main Street, such as in Turtle Lake, was like a ghost town, with only a grocery store open early in the day. Essential medical services were staffed with people who worked continuing shifts, many unable or unwilling to leave their duties.
Around noon, major snow removal was underway, with work continuing on Main Street in Turtle Lake and major arteries within the town until midnight. Saari noted that banks of snow along the businesses in town were three feet deep, with residential areas at least that. One person reported removing a storm door window in order to exit the house and be able to shovel a doorway clear.
Another common view was huge machines, scraping, lifting and moving snow away from  buildings and clearing paths for emergency and police vehicles to have access if and when necessary.

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