August 29, 2018

Storms and rain limit yields

With 12 to 12 ½-foot tall corn, many silage pits should be full, cows happy, and farmers in the cornfields chopping three weeks early.
Kendon Faul, McClusky Co-Op Elevator spokesman, stated the recent lack of rain diminished record yields in wheat, feed corn and soybeans, but they are still holding up well.
The largest crop planted this year in Sheridan County is about 90 percent harvested. Yields are running 45-55 bushels per acre with test weights at 63-64.
Protein in a “pretty decent” amount of the wheat is 14 ½ to 15 ½, with a smaller amount in the low 16s. There are a few fields with 13 protein.
Ergot, pushed into storm-damaged wheat from its brome grass host around the fields, has caused some losses. Faul noted that while wheat has a natural resistance to ergot, that resistance is lost when the wheat kernels are damaged.

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