July 18, 2013

Street issue brings discussion to heated levels

Street issue brings discussion to heated levels

Nothing like some trouble in “River City” as the song goes, to heat up casual conversation. McClusky has a street issue of overfills, non-fills, blocked gutters, tarred manhole covers, rumble strips where they weren’t ever before, and patches that could stress a mountain goat. We won’t mention the pile of rubble behind St John’s Lutheran Church.
City Council members Dorothy Estrada and Roberta Hunt, in separate conversations, stated they have had no further news or information or contact with the firm (M. Carroll Black Top Service) that fixed, to use the term loosely, the city’s streets.
A drive around the city leaves the casual observer to wonder if these repairs could be the norm, anywhere. Tar seals some manhole covers, which would be as though welded shut come winter if access would be needed.

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