May 17, 2017

Swamp musical theme amuses crowd

The elementary school lunchroom was full but not swamped. That part was left up to the students on stage. And, they handled it well, complete with tadpoles, frogs, music, and a lesson on how to grow up and be tolerant of others. A swamp had never before looked this good! And the music!
Soloists for the swamp musical portion were Jolynne Strobel, Daphne Lauer, Treyton Kaul, Aubrey Majors, Irie Irwin, Taegan Fox and Tiera Matthews. Tommy the Tadpole was wriggled and spoken by Treyton Kaul; Bully the Bullfrog croaked and hopped though his lines, courtesy of performer Cole Abrahamson.
There were many people living in the swamp, in plain view of all the people who came to watch the musical. At the lead was Mr. McCloskey, music director for the McClusky School District. He directed the soloists and other groups through their lines with seldom a pause, except for laughter.

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