August 9, 2017

Teams meet in McClusky

Twenty-one runners met in McClusky on Saturday, July 29, to end their friendly competition.
With 9-12 runners per team, one team started at the west end of the state and the other started at the east end.
The runners started Friday evening and ran through Saturday towards their McClusky destination.
The team from the west came in first, gathering at the Heart Park where they touched the heart metal sculpture that symbolizes the park and the town as the geographical heart of North Dakota.
The hot days of running had one runner running part of the way, while the rest of the runners rode in the team’s camper to stay cool. On the back of the winners’ camper, the sign said “Meet me in McClusky.”
The runners and drivers gathered at St. John’s Lutheran Church for supper. Rhonda Meckle, Pearl Meckle, Connie Jerome and Connie’s daughter, Jo Dakken prepared and served; baked potatoes, noodle salad, and bars, broasted chicken from Bertsie’s Drive-In.

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