September 2, 2020

The Sheridan Memorial Home and all it has to offer

By Missy Axt
The Sheridan Memorial Home (SMH) has been a long time staple on the south end of Main Street, in the town of McClusky. The facility built in 1966 with 16 rooms initially
all double occupancy rooms. Over the years, the rooms became single occupancy rooms that allow residents to bring all sorts of their own belongings in from their former
homes to make their room as personal as possible. Over the years, staff have seen so many different set ups and so many neat ideas that it never ceases to amaze any of them, as to what creative placement of furniture can happen. They have had everything from hutches and china cabinets filled with treasures, to grandfather clocks, to love seats arranged
in the rooms, along with the traditional pieces of the bed, dresser, and table and chairs. SMH is a basic care facility, not a skilled nursing facility as many people may

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