June 15, 2016

Thursday’s wind storm hits trees hard


Trees fell under the high winds in McClusky, cutting power to a few houses, leveling an in-progress pole barn outside of town, moving a trailer on its foundation and scattering hay bales across fields.

The storm late last Thursday made quick work of making a big mess. The cleanup of more tree debris, after the loss of many trees to disease in the recent past, added insult to injury for many residents.

Clean up included pickup loads of debris in the streets for City of McClusky Maintenance Chief Tom Giese. He was on schedule to plant the new trees ordered to replace the removed diseased ones. He noted the storm had rather dampened his enthusiasm for planting trees in the city.

Property owners were again looking at bills for clean up with a limited amount possible to be covered by insurance. Blocked access and damage to structure needs are two of the common insurance criteria for coverage

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