June 4, 2014

Time to vote on June 10


By Allan Tinker

Local government offices both county and city will be up for the voters to decide, with county offices going a second round in the fall election. School board seats will also be filled and ballot questions answered as to publication of minutes.

In Goodrich, virtually all seats, city and school board are unopposed. The seats will be determined by names already on the ballot, or in some instances, by write-ins. These often come at the last minute and sometimes bring surprises.

In Goodrich, Michael H Ge-sellchen is the lone candidate on the ballot for mayor; McClusky has two candidates on the ballot: Roberta Hunt and Connie Jerome.

For City Council in Goodrich, three names must be selected and there are three names on the ballot: Karen Feickert, Ar-den Mindt and Brian Engle. In McClusky there are two wards open on the council, with one name to be selected in each ward. Names on the ballots are Ward 1: Kurt Mortenson and Nathan Rhoads; Ward 2: Russell Hoffer and David V. Martwick. Alderman for Martin has no names on the ballot and will be determined by write in. There are two positions open in Martin.

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