May 17, 2017

Tom Kalb returns to Spring Fling

Tom Kalb came back with more of his lawn growing and care tips for the annual 2017 Spring Fling in McClusky on May 10 at the McClusky City Hall. Approximately 30 women came to listen as Tom talked about lawn care.
Tom gave five steps to a great lawn with the right seed. The seeds he noted were Kentucky bluegrass, red fescue and perennial ryegrass. The low-maintenance bluegrass are Kenblue, S.D. Common, Park, Fylking and Monoply.
S.D. Common and Park are the most common kinds of bluegrass.
Tom also talked about the Japanese beetle and  how it threatens more than 300 species plants, such as rose, linden, grape, apple crabapple, chokecherry, American elm, and turf.

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