June 10, 2015

Training offered county heavy equipment personnel


NDLTAP offered Motor-Grader Operator training for counties in a two-day, two context situations. The first day was classroom training at the Underwood host facility, followed by hands-on field training at individual county sites on the second day.

The on-site field training was held on Thursday, June 4 at McClusky.

Corey Uhrich, a heavy equipment operations and maintenance instructor from Central Lakes College in Minnesota, provided the training near McClusky at Hoffer Lake road for Sheridan County operators and supervisors.

The training offered information for both beginners and seasoned heavy equipment operators on safe and efficient ways of operating motor graders and other heavy equipment. The training also offered a chance for operators and supervisors to learn from each other’s best practices and experiences.

Butler Cat and RDO Equipment provided lunch and refreshment snacks at all training sessions. The field representatives have been invited to attend the training sessions and are Dale Heglund at the classroom and field training in Mercer County and Denise Brown NDLTAP Training Coordinator, attending the field trainings in McLean, Sheridan and Wells Counties.

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