March 19, 2009

Trusting in God's game plan


Katie Schindler, a standout basketball player, spent the final games of her senior year sitting on the bench. She didn’t foul out and she wasn’t injured on the court. She didn’t sit out by choice and she wasn’t benched by her coach. For nearly 18 years, Keith and Karen Schindler, Bismarck, have embraced their lives as parents. Katie, their oldest child, was their first joy. They were blessed twice again when daughters Kelly and Tori joined the family. Over the years, Keith and Karen strived to build a strong family, one infused with Christian faith. And, to reinforce their family values, the couple enrolled their daughters at Shiloh Christian School. "We felt Shiloh was the best fit," Keith said. "It was a commitment toward their development and character." The family’s faith is now playing a key role as the Schindlers face a monumental challenge; Katie has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The diagnosis came after a biopsy of "suspicious spots" that were discovered in her abdominal cavity this past December. Katie’s doctors believe her cancer might be linked to a benign tumor that was removed from her abdomen in 2007.

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