April 1, 2020

Used equipment ready for highest bidder

information courtesy Tim Erdmann and Brian Galvin Tim Erdmann,

Goodrich Rural Fire Protection District, reports that the vehicles advertised for sale include an ambulance/van, purchased new as a combined effort of the fire district and the Goodrich ambulance squad. He said, “The ambulance served the community for several years and then was replaced. The older vehicle then served as an equipment transport for the fire district. “The fire district does not have enough volunteers residing in town to get this to the scene in a timely manner. The vehicle does not get used enough to rely on it being operational. The current gasoline blends do not store well and cause problems with these older carburetor type vehicles.” “The Chevy truck was purchased used from a retired farmer/rancher from the area. This truck replaced an early 70’s model Dodge. “We have purchased and assembled
a replacement wildland fire truck.

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