September 19, 2013

Wahpeton grads parents of twins

Wahpeton grads parents of twins


Each earning their associates degree from Wahpeton but in completely different areas, Shannon and Amber (Bertsch) Scheurer are now parents to twin girls, a little boy, a high school student and living on a farm east of McClusky.

"I fell in love with his car," grins Amber. Shannon grins back, admiring her good taste. The car is a 1986 Buick Regal "with a loud exhaust," adds Amber.

The two married in June of 2008, after Amber graduated with her associate’s degree as a pharmacy technician. Shannon holds an associates degree in Auto Body Repair and Finishing.

Their family came with children included, at least part time. Shannon’s son Stefon lives with them and his daughters Skylar and Shawna visit frequently or they travel to Fargo to visit at their home. Stefon is 15 and a student at McClusky High School.

The little girls, arriving at 33 weeks and five days of gestation, are identical twins. This added to the special care they required as they had to be watched for "twin transfusion" symptoms, where one twin takes more of the vital blood supply and nutrients in the shared placenta of identical twins before

birth, depriving the other twin

of needed nutri


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