February 3, 2016

Waiting for cranes

Ron Hipp was well known for his tender spirit, attention to detail and his sense of humor. He is a graduate of McClusky High School and his parents ran a bar where the Farm Bureau Insurance Agency now stands.

He writes. And he writes well. He credits sisters Jackie French and Mary Zilinski with making his book what it is. That is also how he was and is. He has produced a fine book called "Waiting for Cranes."

This is a book about hunting, male friendship and all the horrors and joy men can put into those friendships

This is not a quilting party story book. It is a book about men being brave enough to care about each other, to appreciate nature and to keep their families always foremost in their lives, except, of course, for the times when they are hunting or recovering from hunting.

This is a book about history of how the plains of central North Dakota, McClusky in particular, were and how it is different now, due to terrain and weather shifts and uses. The huge flocks of crane, ducks and geese are balanced by more pheasants now, not a bad thing.

The fields that used to hold sunflowers and corn are likely into soybeans and peas, but the wildlife will eat anything that takes money out of a farmer’s pocket, just to even out their own losses.

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