July 3, 2018

Water meeting adds up years of growth

With a net increase in cash and cash equivalents of $143,986, the news never got worse at the annual meeting of the McLean Sheridan Rural Water District.
Held at Bev’s Café on June 20, the room was filled with people who have water, others who wait on the next water project and the people who make it all possible, the board, employees and county water board representatives from McLean and Sheridan County.
Also on hand and introduced by former MSWD Manager Lynn Oberg, Rural Water Systems Association Executive Director Eric Volk received a thank you from Oberg for assistance coordinating  water projects.
Volk noted that 20 percent of the oil extraction dollars fund the grants issued from the association. The next two years projects will have $27 million for project expansion. His two young daughters reportedly said it best, “We love our rural water.”

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