May 21, 2014

Water service petition received by City Council



The McClusky City Council members were presented with a petition concerning the current ordinance on water service lines from McClusky resident Gerald Bertsch.

In his petition, also signed by Bertsch and 55 other residents, is now under consideration by the council. The petition was presented at the regular monthly meeting of the council on May 12.

The issues presented in the petition address the cost of original installation of all plumbing between the main and any service devices and all extensions made to such plumbing, as well as repairs. These costs, the petition states, are borne entirely by the consumer. This is from the point of connection to the city’s main to the owner’s premises.

Bertsch’s petition states that this is wrong and that the city should supply the curb stop and meter to the consumer free of charge as the city uses the curb stop and meter to stop non-paying citizens as well as meter and bill water usage. He states that it should be the citizen’s responsibility to maintain the service line from the owner’s premises to the curb stop and the city’s responsibility from the main line to the curb stop.

Kurt Mortensen stated he had talked to City Attorney Walter Lipp and the water ordinance was "off Century Codes."

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