December 4, 2008

Water spots reappear in City Chambers


Those "damn" spots have appeared again on the ceiling of the McClusky City Commission Chamber room. And it appears that it may be from drifting snow as they appeared after the early November snowstorm. DuWayne Hirschkorn suggested to city maintenance worker Steve Murray that he call Becker Construction and ask what they think the remedy might be for the water problem. Murray stated the roof had new "rubber" put on it three times in the 19 years he had been working for the city. Kitchen utensils have disappeared and an inventory will be taken to determine what is left and what is missing. The utensils are marked with an engraved "C" to identify them, according to City Auditor Andrea Kluck. Anyone who may have the missing utensils is asked to return them so that the inventory can be done and be correct. A notice will be put on the cable access channel regarding the missing items. Kluck noted that the inventory had also been requested for the insurance on the building and contents. The Council members also were informed by Kluck that the Gazebo and other park fixtures hadn’t been included on the insurance and would be added this year. Bids will be further solicited for the wiring upgrade for the Community Room kitchen. At least one electrician had not returned a call for bids, so more businesses will be called. Mayor Theresa Jorgenson stated the OtterTail lineman Todd Rath had stated the false ceiling in the kitchen shouldn’t make the electrical repair that difficult to do.

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