December 11, 2013

When the going gets tough

*Partial information from the 2009 “Giving Gratitude” special section

Cecil Schuh, longtime worker on the Sheridan County Highway Dept. retired this winter. He has had his full share of good and bad winters, along with the blessings that come with working near your home.
Schuh was honored at an open house at the November 5 County Commission meeting, with cake, good talk, thanks and best wishes from a host of people.
Schuh has been on the road crew the longest; with Gross following close behind.
Schuh, married to Betty Mae, voiced appreciation for the hot suppers that wait for him when he returns from work at night. They have three children, two boys and one girl. He graduated eighth grade from New Germantown rural school and then received on-the-job training from former foreman Clifford Neff when he went to work for the county. He was hired by Sheridan County Commissioner Albert Hausauer, now deceased.
After the winter of 2009, Sher-idan County Highway Dept. blade man Cecil Schuh stated, “I have been working here the last 30 years and this winter was the worst one for wind. It kept coming from the east and south. The farm shelterbelts are all set up for northwest winds. When we drove down the road and cleared, it would be filled in again before we made the return trip. Sometimes the wind direction would switch three times in one day.”
 At this time, in 2009, Schuh’s boss and department foreman, Alvin Gross, and workmates, Bernie Richter, Dennis (Butch) Konschak, Darrell Grade and Michael Hoffman were all in agreement: the snow was so hard that it couldn’t be thrown to the side. They either tried to jump over or break it loose, often both attempts would fail to loosen the snow layers.

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