August 1, 2018

"Where's My Grandma" atuthor visits Fest

By ALLAN TINKER, information courtesy Sandy Blanes
Butte, North Dakota, author Sandy Blanes has grandmothers and their importance to a child in the focus of her newest book, ”Where’s MY Grandma?”
Blanes states, “This book is a beginning reader to third grade level and the perfect read-to-me story for any family. The book, Where’s MY Grandma, has a few points I am addressing as I engage in workshops, talks and readings.”
Some of the goals of her book are: foster grand-parenting, achieving your dreams, international cultural and language-learning awareness, family situations and that “Grandmas can do many things.”
Blanes explains, “Crazy Grandma began as a demo doll to make the story come alive at readings; then followed by the main character Jennie Bella and her “real” grandmother. Friends and different ones who saw CG asked if they could get one and the making of the CGs began. I designed it, made patterns and started by face painting with fabric markers to make it washable. After two attempts, the third was as close I could get to my wonderful illustrator’s portrayal of the description that Jennie Bella created in the book (This is a true story, by the way).

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