December 9, 2020

Winter sunrises and spring wheat prices

While winter sunrises and sunsets are prompting a wonderful supply of photos for the state’s television weather shows, the grain prices have been less wonderful. McClusky enjoyed good weather for two recent community events, the Pumpkin and the Holiday Festivals, the most often bare streets, fields, and roadways are indications of trouble if no snow falls to cover the ground this winter. Snow and spring rains are sorely needed to replenish everything from soil moisture for crops to sustaining wildlife. Both of these areas also affect a large portion of the ag community and small towns, which welcome cash flows from both grain sales and visiting hunters. With the pandemic negatively affecting the entire commercial community, from big cities to the smallest, people struggle to maintain a positive outlook when sales are depressed, jobs lost, and days at work lost to the virus. Kendon Faul, McClusky Coop Elevator ag expert, gave an ‘year end of winter’ report from the ag side of Sheridan County’s situation.

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