August 19, 2015

Wisconsin native new Sheridan County treasurer


Born and raised in Adams-Friendship Township, Wisconsin, Jenny (Hopp) Teumer was raised by single parent Linda Hopp.

A recent move to North Dakota first put her at work for Northland Community Health Center’s clinic in McClusky as a receptionist and medical records clerk.

The job was advertised by the Sheridan County officials when the elected treasurer resigned. She was selected from a field of several applicants for the treasurer’s position.

Filling the appointed position with a smile now, Teumer is not sure if she will run for election to the post when the appointment runs out.

Her husband Francis’ (Frankie) health is an issue for her as he has a back condition and work choices are better back in Wisconsin. Since he has found work locally that allows him to pace himself, it is better.

The couple has a daughter named Lilliana (Elizabeth), named when both parents loved the unique name and its Polish wedding connection.

Teumer graduated from John Edwards High School in Port Edwards, Wisconsin in 2001. Her mother was a daycare and Headstart provider and Teumer has a half-brother, Gaven Brauner.

She worked as a retail cashier for two and one-half years then moved near her grandmother Audrey Erickson and attended Western Technical College Mauston Campus in Lacrosse, Wisc. She earned an Associate’s Degree in office technical assistant and is one semester short of administrative assistant certification.

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