October 4, 2017

Women’s Ag Day provides great variety of topics

 Sheridan County Extension Service and Sheridan County Soil Conservation District hosted Women’s Ag Day on Tuesday, September 26 at the McClusky City Hall with approximately 35 women attending. Co-op Elevator of McClusky sponsored the program.
Nicole Warner, Sheridan County Extension Agent, welcomed everyone to the program, as did Darci Gahner, for the Sheridan County Soil Conservation District.
Up first was Nancy Jo Bateman of Bismarck, representing the North Dakota Beef Council. She spoke about the varieties and prices of beef. Everyone received recipes and meat thermometers to take home.
Bateman included information on the safety of marinating meat and the various types of marinade and rubs for grilling beef.
Samples of beef salad in a bag, beefsteak with rub, and beef with blue cheese butter on top were distributed. The women’s answers when asked they thought of the samples included “good,” “hot” and “spicy.

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