July 16, 2014

Yard of the Week: Lots of work but worth it


Kathy Reiswig’s yard claimed honors to the McClusky JDA Yard of the Week competition, judged by Joey Belile. "It is a lot of work but worth it. I enjoy mowing with my self-propelled mower and listening to the birds in the yard. It is so peaceful."

The deck in front of the house, the background for much of the greenery is newly pressure-washed, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. A swing occupies the corner by the steps, a favorite quiet place to sit with Banjo, the small dog that guards Reiswig and "their" home.

"Mom," was the source of most of Reiswig’s education on yard and plant care. "I use fertilizer on it all and I spray for weeds", she noted.

Mom is Elsie Reiswig and dad is Sam Reiswig, of Sam’s Service in McClusky, the repair person of all motors large and small. She has two brothers, Randy, in Texas, and Duane who lives in Bismarck.

A little "swinging guy" is in the tree branches, one of the many wood decorations that got a fresh coat of paint this winter. "I also put a coat of sealer on them, to keep them looking good," said Reiswig.

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