July 31, 2014

Yard of the Week: No theme whatsoever


Part of the fun of visiting the immaculate yards of Don and Susan Ebach is the humor attached to everything they do. From her declaration of “No theme whatsoever” for her yard, to Don’s callous disregard for plant life (so he says) and spraying any volunteer that strays from the designated growing space, it is tongue cheek except when you laugh too hard to keep it there.

Don, who states he prefers the mountains full of elk and other “huntable” species, is in charge of keeping things from becoming “invasive’ and also in charge of hunting. Their freezer full of elk is proof. Susan, who mildly complains she is left alone a “whole month each year in October,” seems to enjoy their summer home in Garrison alone, though it is lake-less. It has a “Very nice” kitchen that she loves to spend her time in, she confesses.

As a nurse, she is also in charge of the care of the plants at the Northland Clinic building in McClusky and their lake home as well. Don on states he mows the sidehill and trim hedges but Susan takes care of the plants.

The pots of annuals, lots of pots, are among their perennial favorites with apple trees and a few vegetables in pails growing in the back yard. Along the front there is family and farm items, a wagon, a cream separator tank, a walker (for Creeping Jenny, perhaps?) a pot found at a rummage sale for a few dollars and various items that have caught the crafty talents of Susan along the way. Color pills this way and that, some with tantalizing scents to draw you closer.

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